About me

I’m not really good at talking about myself and if you’re wondering why then I chose to have a blog, I’ll tell you I’m still figuring it out myself. Mostly it’s because of books. You see, I love books. I breathe books. If it was up to me I’d read all day every day, with breaks for food, sex, sleep and occasional night out with friends of course.

My other passion in life is music and even though I can’t play an instrument to save my life, I can’t imagine spending a day without it. And as I read a book, I not only see a movie in my head, I hear a song.

So here I will share my thoughts and snippets of “wisdom” (ha! as if) about the books on my shelves, and the songs playing on my playlist while I read them. You can also check out my reviews at Goodreads here.

As I am also a tv-shows junkie, I will probably vent about some of my shows occasionally. Only when I feel like I can’t hold it in, I promise.