Review policy

Terms and conditions

  1. I’m accepting e-book only for now.
  2. I will review your book within two weeks, a month tops.
  3. I’m giving honest unbiased reviews – it’s my opinion and my thoughts. I wouldn’t want people lying to me about my work, so I give them the same courtesy.
  4. If I accepted the book for a review – be sure that that review will be published on my blog as well as on Goodreads.


I’m pretty flexible where books are concerned, though I prefer fiction if I can help it. My go to categories are:

  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Paranormal
  • Humor and comedy
  • Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Historical Fiction
  • Thriller
  • Crime

If your book doesn’t fit into any of those genres you can still request a review. If the premise of the story is interesting – chances are I’ll read it and review it.

Obvious stuff

The books I review are either purchased by me, borrowed from friends/family, or found in a subway car. That last one happened only once and I swear I tried my best to find the owner.

My relationship with spoilers is a particular one. If it’s a fresh release – I try not to reveal too much; if it’s a well known book – well, I think it’s a moot point, no?


Use this.

Thanks for visiting!


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